3 Methods for Tree Stump Removal

The tree stump is what remains at the end of cutting down a tree. How to remove a large tree stump can be done in a variety of ways, but we will highlight three main techniques used for removing stumps. You also want to remove the stump because otherwise it may sprout again and generate new trees in its place, but with an uglier twist. Permanent stump removal can be a little trickier, and sometimes, you’re better off calling in a Calgary arborist to handle it.  

1. Manual Remover

As you’re chopping down a tree, leave between three to four strong and upright branches. This will come in handy as you try to loosen the stump from the dirt. You will grab a spade and begin digging a trench around the stump. Turn the spade backward as a way to loosen the soil and uncover as many of the roots as you possibly can.

2. Tree Stump Grinders

Most arborist services will highlight how you can’t remove an old tree stump with the hand because the roots will delve deep into the earth. Instead, you might use an electric device known as a tree stump grinder to chop the stump to pieces.

3. Chemical Remover

The ultimate goal behind chemical remover is to use chemicals that will remove the stump through speeding up the decomposition process. However, you should exercise caution with this method because the chemicals can be harmful to the surrounding plants, and it will take at least a week before you can remove the stump.

When all else fails, call in a Calgary arborist. The cost to remove a tree stump will usually be worth it because it makes your lawn beautiful again. Also, if you have any other projects around the yard, you might take this time to request advice on the best way to proceed.

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